Tuesday, June 9, 2015


It feels like summer is flying by already (although it is not even officially summer according to the calendar).  My children have been asking for our summer bucket list and I finally got it printed out today.  It is time to get busy having fun!


__Have a water balloon fight
___ Stuart/Johnson weekend of fun!
__Make popsicles 5 times
__Visit Nana, Grand-Bob, the Pitts and Mamaw
__Get donuts
__Wash the cars
__Eat banana splits
__Have family game night
__ Make dirt pudding
__Go to a movie
__ Have root beer floats
__ Go out for milkshakes
__ Roast Marshmallows
__Go swimming 10 times
__ Have a Nacho bar for supper
___ Eat Watermelon
___Go camping
___ Pizza by Eli
___ Cheeseburger Pie by Olivia
____ Make sidewalk paint
___ Calzones by Olivia
__Play in a creek
___ Snack night by Isaac
__ Go Bowling 10 times
___ Supper by Bailey
___ Make stepping stones
___ Make homemade ice cream
___ Game night with friends
___ Surprise a friend
___ Waffles for dinners
____ Make giant bubbles

___ Invite friends for a cookies and lemonade playdate

Monday, May 4, 2015

A Few Pictures from Eli's Kindergarten Graduation Slideshow

Our Last Kindergarten Graduate!

It seems like last week that Isaac graduated from Kindergarten, but somehow it has been eight years.  I had been secretly dreading Eli's graduation.  It seemed like real proof that our little family is getting older.  

Eli's class only had three graduates, and our ceremony was very short and sweet.  Somehow I ended up in charge at the last minute and it was a bit stressful to try to get the slideshow together.  I figured out Power Point in a day and threw it together.  I was kind of thankful for the stress, because it kept me from completely becoming that mom who was an emotional mess over her six year old's graduation.

 Mark asked each graduate about their future career plans and Eli said he wanted to be president.  I am so glad he is aiming high!

I am thankful for the opportunity to homeschool this little graduate.  I am going to try to treasure these next twelve years, because I know they will go by fast!

Sunday, May 3, 2015


We attended our first rodeo last night.  It was quite an experience.  We saw calf roping, bull riding, horse riding and lots of other interesting things.

We even saw Capuchin monkeys riding Border Collies and herding goats to the top of an eighteen wheeler.  That is something you don't see everyday!

It was definitely a new and different experience for us.  We had fun visiting with friends and watching the show.  The kids got a good dose of country music and other cultural lessons they had been lacking.  I have to admit most of the show made me nervous, especially after a bull rider was trampled and had to be loaded into an ambulance (Eek!).  

All in all, the rodeo was a nice change of pace.  We may just have to make it an annual event!

God's picture in the sky was my favorite part of the show!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

A Few Easter Pictures

I suddenly have the itch to blog again.  Hopefully it will last longer than a couple of days.  I love to look back at old posts and see things that I had forgotten.  Our children are growing up so quickly.  

My parents came to visit at Easter time.  It was such a blessing to have them here.

We were down to only three egg hunters in our family at the church Easter egg hunt.  It was the first year we ever hunted eggs in the sleet!  Our older two did not mind hunting eggs at our egg hunt at home.  I guess candy is treasured at any age.

Simple Pleasures!

A new box of sidewalk chalk makes us happy!

My Memory Wall-- A few more things

I added a few empty frames to remind us all that God is still working in our lives and that we need to look for his answers to our prayers.

I added a few more things just because I like them...

I hope to add more to our wall throughout the years.  It is very much not perfect, but I love it!